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TIPS FOR smilets
  • The SMiLE Assistants should be responsible, dynamic and creative.

  • Be punctual: you are expected to be punctual and attend classes regularly.

  • Please notify your SMiLE tutor if you are ill and cannot attend class.

  • Be flexible: you’ll be working in a non-formal classroom setting.

  • Try to join in in school activities such as field trips, conferences, museum visits, workshops, etc.


  • The SMiLE tutor should always try to be present in the classroom with the SMiLE assistant.

  • Tutors will offer worksheets, tests, handouts and other relevant material for the classroom activities or alternatively ask the SMiLE assistant to prepare them. Tutors and assistants will always bear in mind that the main goal is the development of students communicative and linguistic oral skills.

  • The SMiLE tutor will provide the material and facilities required, if available.


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